Welcome to the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund Website

In 1997, the Department of Natural Resources and Energy established a non-government agency to further wildlife conservation in the province of New Brunswick: the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund.The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund is managed by the New Brunswick Wildlife Council. This Wildlife Council is a committed group of 17 volunteers who represent hunting, angling, trapping, aboriginal, naturalist and environmental groups.

The New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund has been established to fund a range of programs for the enhancement of New Brunswick’s wildlife, fish and their habitats. The main source of revenue is from a conservation fee on hunters, anglers and fur harvesters licences.

Other conservation-supporting New Brunswickers can contribute by purchasing the special Conservation licence plates or by becoming a Supporter. Money was also received from Maritime Road Development Corporation to compensate for environmental impacts on watercourses. Other funding sources are Memorial cards at any funeral home in the province and money received under penalty clauses.The money generated will fund fish and wildlife enhancement projects as well as conservation education programs. The Council members review every proposal submitted for December 1st and May 1st of each year. If approved, the Council will provide up to 75% of the cost of the project.

In 2017, 122 projects were approved for a total of $1,035,895. In 2018, a total of 122 projects were funded for a total of $1,089,475.

In order to prepare an application, documents are available on this website: terms of reference of NB Wildlife Trust Fund and NB Wildlife Council; the terms of reference of the different programs:

fisheries, wildlife, biodiversity, trapping and conservation education; an application form and the guidelines. Each year, the New Brunswick Wildlife Trust Fund issues a newsletter to inform fishermen, hunters, and the general public of their financials (revenues and expenses) and projects that were approved. The list of projects approved is also published in DNRED fishing brochure and hunting brochure.

The NBWTF also initiated programs such as the Youth Manual program. The Youth Manual Program is for youth between the ages of 10-16. They are eligible to receive the required manuals to take the Firearms Safety/Hunter Education Program, Bowhunter Course, or the Trappers Course free of charge. The manuals are available free of charge at the local DNRED office only.

We also encourage the associations to share their experience and results of their projects on our website.