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To fund a range of programs through which the public can contribute to, participate in, and learn about the protection and enhancement of New Brunswick’s fish, wildlife and their habitats.



  • The Wildlife Trust Fund will be administered by Department of Energy and Resource Development and New Brunswick Wildlife Council and shall be managed in manner which reflects the objectives and resource priorities for fish and wildlife of  Department of Energy and Resource Development.
  • The Wildlife Trust Fund shall be managed in a manner consistent with the Wildlife Policy of New Brunswick.
  • The Wildlife Trust Fund will encourage a range of active partners and stakeholders to financially support and deliver projects thereby increasing appreciation, knowledge and interest in the conservation of fish and wildlife.
  • The Wildlife Trust Fund will fund conservation projects on a cost shared basis not to exceed 75% of total project cost.
  • Hunters, anglers and fur harvesters support the dedication of a portion of license fees to a Wildlife Trust Fund for specific programs to enhance and protect fish and wildlife for the benefit of future generations.

Potential Source of Funds

  • Subject to approval of the government, a conservation fee on all hunting, fishing and trapping licenses would be allocated to the Wildlife Trust Fund.
  • Donations and bequests.
  • Sale of wildlife/conservation specialty products.