For your own peace of mind, please ensure that you save your application on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb would be after you complete a page.

These are the documents you should download for use when applying for funding.

Guidelines ( PDF - 83KB)

Education Programs & Summer Camps  ( PDF - 46KB)

Tips for a final report  ( PDF - 49KB)

   Grant Application

To apply for funding use the online form. Before you begin you must register here. Once your registration has been submitted it will be reviewed by the site administrator. When your request for registration has been approved you will be notified by email after which you may return to the register/login page and begin your online application. You may use a single registration to submit more than one application.The application form is several pages long. As you move from page to page your content will be saved. If you wish to return to complete your application at a later time you may do so by clicking on the button found on every page. You may make changes to the application as well as delete and re-upload attachments at any time before your application is submitted. If you wish to make changes after you have submitted your application you will need to delete the application and start a new one including uploading all the relevant attachments such as the budget document. This ensures that only one version of your application will be considered by the Council. Before deleting your application you can view, copy and print its content.