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  • To encourage conservation of wildlife species as functioning components of ecosystems and as a contribution toward the biological diversity of native species and habitats in New Brunswick.
  • To facilitate identification, conservation and recovery actions of native species at risk as a consequence of human activities.


  • All citizens share a responsibility for the conservation of biological diversity.
  • Maintenance of biological diversity contributes to maintenance of critical ecological processes.
  • Conservation of species at risk is an integral component of the maintenance of biological diversity.
  • Population and habitat objectives to recover species at risk will be met through long-term actions supporting biological diversity on a landscape basis.


  • Habitat projects designed to protect or enhance critical habitat for species at risk will be given priority.
  • Status reports on species at risk and identification of cause(s) of decline are eligible for funding.
  • Development of detailed recovery plans and the actual recovery work are encouraged.
  • Projects directed toward conservation or research of any wildlife species in New Brunswick is eligible for funding. Vulnerability of the species, level of risk to its habitat, and its role as an indicator of ecosystem function.