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  • To provide funding for activities that will enhance humane trapping practices (education), maintain public support (information distribution), promote trap development and testing (research).


  • Furbearing animals must be trapped in a humane manner in order to avoid unnecessary pain and suffering.
  • Harvest of this resource must be accomplished in a socially acceptable manner.
  • Technological advances and new devices that reduce pain and suffering will be promoted.


  • Program administration for Humane Trapping will be jointly carried out by a Steering Committee appointed by the New Brunswick Trappers and Fur Harvesters Association and the Fish and Wildlife Branch of DNRE.
  • Project proposals received by the Wildlife Council will be submitted for review and comment to:
    Chairman, Humane Trapping Steering Committee
    New Brunswick Trappers and Fur Harvesters Association
  • Funds may be available for contracts to present trapper education courses, workshops and seminars; develop prototype traps; research and field testing of traps; and trap replacement.