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  • To provide funding to conserve, enhance, or create habitat for native wildlife.
  • To provide funding for programs and projects to ensure the well being and perpetuation of wildlife populations.


  • The program will focus on conservation and/or enhancement of habitat for native wildlife.
  • To assure a habitat base to sustain the diversity and geographic distribution of wildlife in New Brunswick.
  • The program will implement inventory, restoration and re-introduction programs.
  • The program will foster public awareness and understanding of the status and needs of wildlife.


  • Revenues are to be used primarily for capital expenditures on habitat conservation, enhancement and development projects.
  • Assessment of wildlife production and habitat conditions for project planning and evaluation is an important component of the wildlife program and will be eligible for funding.
  • Projects need to focus on long term conservation of high quality habitat, particularly that which is vulnerable.
  • Research or investigational projects that will lead to enhanced species production or protection are to be approved on a priority basis.
  • Joint venture and co-operative projects with private organizations, groups, individuals, educational institutions and other government agencies will be promoted.
  • The Wildlife Council will consider priorities relating to wildlife species and wildlife habitat requirements. The Council will advise the Minister on program priorities, species requiring support and suggest program implementation.